2019 yearly schedule

April Entrance new M1 students
May Open campus 5/18
June 2nd Joint ISTDM / ICSI 2019 Conference (University of Wisconsin-Madison, US) 6/2-6
Presentor: Yamamoto, Wen
August Lab. trip. (Tsushima Island)
September 2019 International Conference on Solid State Device and Materials (Nagoya Univ.) 9/2-5
presentor: Iseri, Oka

JSAP Autumn meeting (Hokkaido Univ.) 9/18-21
presentor: Yamamoto, Wen, Iseri, Oka
October 236th ECS meeting (Hilton Atlanta, GA, USA) 10/13-17
presentor: Nakashima(keynote)
November 2019 International Workshop on Dielectric Thin Films for Future Electron Devices -Science and Technology- (2019 IWDTF, Tokyo Institute of Technology) 11/18-20

JSAP Kyushu Chapter Annual Meeting 2019 (Kumamoto Univ.) 11/23-24
presentor: Shimizu, Sugata

21st Cross Straits Symposium on Energy and Environmental Science and Technology (CSS-EEST, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ) 11/24-27
presentor: Iseri, Oka, Feida

8th International Symposium on Control of Semiconductor Interfaces (ISCSI-VIII, Tohoku Univ.j11/27-30
presentor: Wen
December 11th Semiconductor materials and device forum (Kyushu Univ.)12/21
presentor: Nakashima(prenaly session), Oka
January (M1 students) Exercises in ASEM (Research presentation)
February (M2 students) Presentation of Master thesis
March JSAP Spring meeting (Sophia Univ.)

Graduate ceremony
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